Development Strategies of Nomad Community (Khouzestan Province)

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim followed in this study was to identify and determine the development strategies as related to Khuzestan's nomad society. With regard to the samples being few in number all the 46 rank and staff experts of Khuzestan province's general nomad affairs' management Directorate were selected and then their 32 points of strength, and of weaknesses as internal factors vs. 32 opportunities and threats as external factors being exploited in relation with nomad society development. SWOT analysis was imployed and finally 7 strategies including: "sustainable employment creation plus increase in nomad families' incomes", "organization and consolidation of nomad population centers", "production service level improvement along with migration optimization", "extension and advantage taking through inquiries and from investigations", "promotion of production factors' efficiency", and "preservation, revival, expansion and exploitation of natural resources" were identified and concluded as efficient strategies  of nomad society development.