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History of Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences


What today under the titles of specialized journals of Iranian agricultural sciences by the Campus of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran Published with scientific-research credibility, it has undergone a growing evolution over the past years.Its first publication period between 1311 to 1330 under the title of Falahat High School Magazine, Its second publication period between 1330 and 1348 under the title of the journal of the Faculty of Agriculture, Its third publication period between 1348 and 1356 as the official publication of the Faculty of Agriculture, Its fourth publication period between 1977 and 2008 under the title of Iranian Journal of Agricultural Sciences,Published and currently indexed in ISC, CAB, FSTA and Agris scientific and research findings citation databases.Its fifth edition includes seven specialized journals offered by the campus Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran, through letter No. 27840 / P / 83, Campus, dated 8/29/87, under the following headings:

1- Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Research (IJSWR)

2- Iranian Journal of Agricultural Economics and Development Research (IJAEDR)

3- Iranian Journal of Horticultural Science (IJHS)

4- Iranian Journal of Animal Science (IJAS)

5- Iranian Journal of Plant Protection Science (IJPPS)

6- Iranian Journal of Field Crop Science (IJFCS)

7- Iranian Journal of Biosystems Engineering (IJBSE)

It was proposed to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran and through letter No. 8941/3 dated 5/11/1387 with approved scientific-research validity and was approved and its first issue was published in the winter of 2008.

It is hoped that with the cooperation of all researchers and experts in the country, the evolving trend of this journal continue as before.