An Assessment of Educational Needs in Water Users' Associations (WUAs) (Case study: Ramshir Irrigation Network)

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose followed in this study was to investigate, and identify the educational needs of Water Users' Association members. The research paradigm is quantitative and the study a descriptive applicatory one. Statistical population included 1500 members of Water Users' Associations in Ramshir Irrigation Network of Khuzestan Province, of whom 150 members were selected through random sampling. A questionnaire constituted the data collection instrument. The validity and reliability of the questionnaire were approved through judgement of a panel of experts and determination of Cornbach's Alpha coefficient (0.77) respectively. Results indicated most educational needs to include marketing concepts and principles of products' marketing, further organizing water Users' Associations, legal training, establishing familiarity with the concepts and principles as well as rules in water Users' Associations, improving management and management skills at water Users' Associations. Results finally indicate that five groups of factors clarify about 45.56 % of the educational needs for the development of organizing water Users' Associations. These factors include legal ones (10.53%), marketing education (10.15%), risk management (8.78%), more proper management of the associations (8.05%) and finally financial and budget management (8.04%).