Keywords = Iran.
Number of Articles: 8
1. An Evaluation of the Supportive Policies Regarding Egg Producers and Consumers in Iran

42-2, Issue 3, July 2012, Pages 301-311


samaneh iravani; seyed safdar Hosseini; Maryam Ahooghlandari

2. Modeling and Prediction of Bread Waste Using Time Series Models and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Volume 42, Issue 2, February 2012, Pages 163-173

Mitra Jalerajabi; Naser Shahnoushi; Mahmood Daneshvar; Ali Firooz zarea; Siavash Dehghanyan; Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi

3. Sources of Output Growth in Iranian Agriculture:An Input-Output Analysis

Volume 42, Issue 1, October 2011, Pages 1-17

vahideh Ansari; Habib-allah Salami; Iraj Saleh

5. The Study of Main Factors in Productivity Growth of Paddy Producer Provinces in Iran

41-2, Issue 4, March 2011, Pages 467-479

Saralah Rezapoor; Seyed Abolghasem Mortazavi; Seyed Mojtaba Mojaverian

7. An Economic Model of Red Meat Marketing Margin Behavior in Iran

Volume 40, Issue 1, May 2009

Habib Shahbazi; S. Safdar Hoseini