Designing a Model for Developing a University Entrepreneurial Ecosystem with a Cultural Approach in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD. Student, Depatment of Management, Azad University, Branch of Ghazvin, Gahzvin, Iran

2 Member of the Faculty of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran




Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate the factors affecting the development of the university entrepreneurship ecosystem. Identifying cultural components in the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and configuring the factors affecting the development of the university entrepreneurial ecosystem is one of the objectives of the research.

Method: The research methodology has been done with a quantitative and qualitative approach. In the qualitative section, with available sample and saturation approach to determining factors, 8 experts in entrepreneurship and industrial and service businesses were used to identify cultural factors affecting the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the qualitative section, 52 experts and professors in the fields of socio-cultural, cultural and entrepreneurial universities were used to complete the questionnaire with nine factors. The statistical population of the study includes professors of public and private universities in Tehran as well as business owners.

Results: The findings showed the factor of ecosystem investment culture and financing with (/.42), entrepreneurial ecosystem policy culture (.12/.), Ecosystem infrastructure development culture (.16/.), Entrepreneurship research and development culture (./19). , The culture of institutionalizing the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem (33/.), The culture of the development of the ecosystem market (14/.), The culture of improving the business environment (50/.), And the culture of governance policy with (15/.) In determining the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem Academics are involved.

Discussion:The results showed that the creation of ecosystem development infrastructure as well as the development of the market institution in the university entrepreneurship ecosystem effectively affect the improvement of the business environment. As research and development in the ecosystem develops, environmental improvement increases and the involvement of government agents in policy and regulation decreases. In addition, the factor interaction test showed that the three factors of investment culture, infrastructure creation and product marketing have played an effective role in the development of the university entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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