Survey on factors affecting the acceptance of soil conservation measures, a step towards sustainable agriculture; Case study: township of Shirvan and Chardavol

Document Type : Research Paper


student/University of Isfahan


The aim of present work is study of factors affecting the acceptance of soil conservation measures by the farmers in Shirvan & Chardavol township which is one of the main agricultural areas in the province of Ilam. This is an analytical comparative research that is done by survey method. The statistical population consisted of all the farmers of Shirvan & Chardavol township which are 8099 people, from them 140 people are selected using Cochran formula as the statistical samples. This group is divided into two groups, one that have applied the soil conservation techniques, and one that have not applied the techniques. The main tool to gather the data was a researcher-made questionnaire. The appearance and content validity of the questionnaire were examined based on the comments from the experts in agricultural education and extension, and necessary changes are applied. To determine the reliability of the questionnaire a preliminary test in a village outside of the statistical samples was carried out. The reliability of the examined factors in the questionnaire is evaluated by the use of Cronbach alpha coefficient. For statistical analysis of the data, descriptive statistics and inferential statistics including recognition analysis and paired t-test are employed and the analysis of the data was done by using of SPSS version 16 software. The results show that the parameters of age, technical knowledge, level of education, and the number of family of the farmers, have in order, the highest effect in accepting and employing soil conservation measures by the farmers.