A Configuring of Entrepreneurship Role in Organizational Learning Development in Iranian Agricultural Extension Organization (IAEO), Structural Equation Modeling

Document Type : Research Paper



The ongoing research was conducted to have the organizational learning development designed in Iranian Agricultural Extension Organization as based on entrepreneurship components and was implemented as a correlational research by using casual model. The statistical sample was comprised of 2768 extension employees in Iran, one out of each six regional groups of Provinces (N= 25) was randomly selected with 250 extension workers randomly selected from these six provinces as based on Cochran’s sampling methodology. The research instrument consisted of two parts in Likert scale, The parts being enterpreneurship and organizational learning development. Validity of the questionnaire was verified by use of Average Variance Extracted (AVE), that is a one method of Discriminant validity. Also Composite reliability coefficients were calculated for the questionnaire's parts. These figures show that questionnaire benefits from a high potential for data gathering. Structural equation modeling was carried out, employing SPLS 2.0 software package. The results of research finaly revealed that entrepreneurship components can express some %65 of the variance of the organizational learning variance. Also organizational culture, knowledge sharing, team working plus learning, systemic thinking as well as participatory leadership could reveal %45 of the staff competency development.