The Features of an Application of Mobile Learning System in the Domain of Agricultural Cooperatives

Document Type : Research Paper



The present study performed with the goal of determining the features of "Application of mobile learning system" within the domain of agricultural cooperatives. The statistic population of the research consisted of the managers and members of board of directors of agricultural cooperatives of Zanjan Province (N= 900) who were interviewed through a questionnaire comprised of five sections. The results indicated that among advantages vs. restrictions of a mobile learning system, lifetime learning relevant with pervasive need, vs. hardware problems are the ones of higher priorities. The most outstanding attitude of the managers of the cooperatives toward utilization of mobile learning is an improvement of quality of education and learning. The research shows that a full support of the government as well as authorities to develop educational services and awarding of subsidies, education and an improvement of substructions are the most awarding solutions for an application of mobile learning system. Such factors as an understanding of the advantages and restrictions of mobile learning system as well as understanding of the capability of this system in resolving such problems as low quality of educational programs along with learner' s lack of motivation toward learning are recognized as the most important factors affecting attitudes. Findings indicate a positive and meaningful relationship between a manager's educational field and location of employment, and the variable of attitude towards an application of mobile learning system.