An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Production and Development of Ornamental Flower and Plant Producing Greenhouses in Amol County

Document Type : Research Paper



Iran, with more than 4,400 hectares of cultivated area of ornamental flowers and plants as well as proximity to world markets, bebefits from only a small share in these markets. This party indicates the existence of problems in the production and development of greenhouses that if recognized can be effective in somehow solving those problems. The main objective followed in this study was to identify and analyze factors that affect production and development of flowers and ornamental plants produc greenhouses in Amol County. Through census method and by means of questionnaire, data was obtained from 111 individuals of ornamental plants operators greenhouse in year 2009. Estimation of Cobb-Douglas production function showed that: Greenhouse being the main occupation, number of labor, amount of water consumed, microelement fertilizers, manure and heating costs, are of significant positive effect, while chemical fertilizers exert significant negative effects on the production in greenhouses. Factor analysis indicated that: credit and market, technical and educational, infrastructural, supportive, personal and financial factors duly affecting the greenhouses' development .These factors, explained approximately 69% of the greenhouses' development variance.