An Investigation of Students' Attitude towards Learning Motivations in Higher Institutions (A Case Study of Agricultural College of Tehran University)

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose followed in this study was to investigate the attitude of the students of the higher level education institutions towards learning motivations. A descriptive-correlational method was chosen for the study. A number of 120 students were randomly selected as the study sample out of 1339 students and finally 112 questionnaires were collected. The instrument was assessed for face and content validities by a panel of faculty members in agricultural college of Tehran and Tarbiat Modarres University. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient for the questionnaire was assessed as 0.85-0.91. Results of analysis of the attitude towards learning motivation indicated that a majority of students (83.24%), were of favorable attitudes towards learning motivation. Also results indicated that future employment and academic document are factors that greatly influence a student's learning motivation A majority of the students expressed that learning was consistent with their interests and they had no doubt concerning their abilities in learning of course lessons at higher education levels. According to the study, there were significant relationships observed between the independent variables and the dependent variable (attitude toward learning motivation). An enter regression analysis indicated that these variables could explain about 50 percent of the variations of attitude towards learning motivation.