Factors Influencing Use of Information Technology (IT) in Management of Dairy Farms (A Case of: Western Part of Tehran Province)

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose followed in this Descriptive- Correlational research was to investigate the factors influencing an application of information Technology (IT) in dairy Farms’ management in the West parts of Tehran Province .The statistical population of the study consisted of 284 dairy farmers, from among whom 82 were selected as sample using Cochran Formula along with Proportionate Stratified Sampling method. The sample size was later increased to 103 dairy cattle farmers for enhancing the precision of the study. A questionnaire was make use of as the main tool of the study. The validity of the questionnaire was approved through judgment of a panel of faculty members (University of Tehran), who were taken here as experts. In order to measure the reliability of the questionnaire, Cronbach Alpha coefficients were calculated for the main scales of the questionnaire (0.94 to 0.97).The data were analyzed through SPSS-win software. The results obtained Step-wise Regression Analysis indicated that such variables as internet use, access to IT implement, farm capacity, number of dairy cattle (Animal unit equivalent), and daily milk production determined 85 percent of variance as regards the extent of applying information technology in the farm management operations.