Organizational Culture Components Impact on Agricultural Extension Experts’ Job Performance

Document Type : Research Paper



Organizational culture, as an appropriate context for one's motivation along with a deployment of his talents and abilities can play critical role in increasing an employee's job performance. The main purpose followed in this survey study was to investigate the relationship between agricultural extension experts’ job performance and organizational culture in Kerman Province, Iran. Statistical population of the study included 180 agricultural extension experts working in Kerman Province. Applying Proportional Stratified Random Sampling method, as well as Krejcie & Morgan’s Table, a sample of 123 experts was taken. A questionnaire was arranged for data collection, the validation of which was verified by a group of experts from the university of Tehran. A pilot study was conducted to determine the reliability of the research tool. Cronbach's Alpha was estimated for different parts of the questionnaire as suitable. To analyze data, SPSSwin20 and LISREL8.5 were employed. Study results showed that there was a significant positive relationship between all the components of organizational culture (involvement, consistency, adoptability and mission) and agricultural extension experts’ job performance. Results of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) showed that organizational culture with 0.67 path coefficient and t=6.21 exerted a positive significant influence on agricultural extension experts’ job performance. In the meantime, organizational culture explained 45% of the variance in agricultural extension experts’ job performance.