The Necessity of Reconsideration in Agriculture Curriculum Planning with Emphasis on the Participation of Faculty Members

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master Expert, Agricultural Extention and Education, Iran

2 Assistance Professor, Department, Agricultural Extention and Education, University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ramin Khuzestan, Iran


The main objective of present research was to study the necessity of reconsideration in agriculture curriculum planning with emphasis on the participation of faculty members in curriculum planning. population was consist of 158 Agricultural colleges and universities faculty members of Khuzestan province that 113 of them were selected randomly with respect to size of each class. A questionnaire was used for data collection. Its validity was approved by faculty members and its reliability was determine by, Cronbach's alpha (α=0.79, 0.88, 0.71). The results showed that the ranking "the merits of the various groups to participate in the curriculum planning from the perspective respondents" faculty members have most competence in this area. In Prioritized strategies of increase the quality agricultural fields curricula, "Developing a specialized areas curriculum Based on scientific principles and procedures and by qualified professionals" and "Appropriateness of curriculum content with the progress of the today advances" had most importance. The results of T-test also showed that faculty members with different personal and professional characteristics have agreement on weakness of curriculum planning system desirability and there is no significant difference between them. The results of correlation test showed a positive relationship in 0.01, 0.05 per cent level between among. The desires for faculty participation in academic curriculum planning, "Faculty familiarity with the necessary principle for academic curriculum planning", "Imagine the ability of faculty to participate in academic curriculum planning" and "faculty information rate about academic curriculum planning current" F-test results also showed a significant difference between faculty members information with a various scientific rank.