An Investigation of the Marketing Educational Needs of Beekeepers in Lorestan Province



Improving the marketing capabilities of beekeepers is assumed one of the most important and effective factors affecting the development of apiculture industry. The purpose followed in this study is an investigation of the educational needs of Lorestan Province beekeepers in the domain of marketing scope. The population of the study included all beekeepers in Lorestan Province (N=1200). A sample of 85 beekeepers was selected through the Random Sampling Technique (n=85). The tools adopted for gathering data was questionnaire. The validity of the instrument was gained through judgement by a group of faculty members of agricultural college of Tehran University and as well by some animal husbandry specialists in Loresatn Province. Reliability of the questionnaire was implemented by conducting a pilot test. Cronbach's Alpha being, used to assess the reliability of the instrument, was obtained equal to 0.91 indicating the instrument reliability (? =%91). Findings revealed that: a knowledge of the marketing centers, recognition of the demand sites for the product, awareness of the product prices in non-local markets, an estimation of the proper price in deals with different size packages and satisfaction of the customers to pay a reasonably fair price for the commodity have been some five items of the educational priorities of respondents in marketing their products. Likewise, there is a negative relationship observed between the level of a bee keeper's education and extent of business vs. his need for learning more about marketing. Eventually, market recognition, sale management and sale communication are indicated among the most important educational needs of the respondents as regards marketing.