Factors Influencing Behavioral Reaction of Corn Farmers Confronting Production Risk Kermanshah Township



Factors influencing behavioral reaction of corn farmers to mitigate production risks in Kermanshah Township region constituted the main purpose followed in this descriptive-correlational study. The study population was comprised of corn farmers of Kermanshah Township who cultivated corn during the farming year 2009-2010 (N= 3239).A sample of 340 farmers was selected through Systematic Random Sampling. Results revealed the framers' behavior as risk-averse oriented, type of and this reaction was affected by variables of age, education level, and ownership, and as well by having participated in extension courses. Among these variables, age exhibited a more pronounced effect on a framer's behavioral reaction, in a way that with increase in age, farmers became more risk-averse. In addition, a framer's management reaction indicated that 65 percent of the farmers believed in prompness and innovation in crisis management and knew that they must find immediate remedial solutions following occurrence of adverse events.