Factors Affecting the Satisfaction of Students Regarding Practical Education (University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran)



The present research was carried out to find out the factors influencing the satisfaction of agricultural students regarding practical education at the University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran. Total statistical population was comprised of 2032 junior as well as senior students of agriculture. The sample of the study consisted of 335 agrisciences students while using appropriate Stratified Random Sampling technique. The reliability of the scales of the questionnaire was verified through Cronbach's Alfa coefficients ranging within 0.70 - 0.84. SPSS software was employed for data analysis. The validity of the questionnaire was approved seeking the opinion of experts from among the faculty members of the Department of Agricultural Extension & Education, University of Tehran. Data analysis was mainly done while applying Multiple Regression Analysis. The findings indicated that there were a number of fourteen variables affecting the level of satisfaction of agrisciences students towards practical education as follows: (1) willingness to make the "Project Course" compulsory (2) participation (3) increasing laboratory courses credit (4) quality improvement of the practical and applied courses (5) suggestion of rules and regulations to facilitate the more often visiting of students of the pertinent rural areas (6) Utilization of the new methods of practical education (7) Provision of the necessary equipment to communicate with the research centers (8) Provision of the needed financial support (9) awareness of the related existing and new businesses (10) Utilization of complementary brochures and CDs (11) Familiarization of teachers and instructors in working with new machinery (12) Participation and cooperation in the programs of "seed samples" collection (13) Reducing the period of "Training Courses" (14) Students' visits to get familiarized whit different farming systems. These items explained about 48.42 percent in the total variance of the "Satisfaction of agrisciences students".