An Assessment of the Effective Factors Involved in the Type of Drought Management by Farmers (A Case study: Wheat Farmers, Varamin Township)



Drought, known as one of the serious natural disasters, has adversely affected climatic equilibrium of the countries during recent years, bringing about various economic and social losses. The purpose followed in this study was to assess the effective factors involved in the adoption of the type of management wheat farmers of Varamin Township choose to alleviate the situation. The methodological approach was a descriptive- correlational one. The target population consisted of all the wheat farmers in Varamin Township (N=2485).The sample was obtained through Proportional Stratified Sampling (n=334). Validity of the instrument was established by judgement of a panel of experts. The results indicated that the variables of: social participation, promotion in the use of service centers and agricultural services, channels of communication and use of consulting engineering services to agriculture exerted the most effect on the type of management Wheat farmers of Varamin Township adopted towards management of the drought.