An Assess and Analysis of the Knowledge of Jihad-e- Agriculture Organization Staffs of Darreh Shahr County toward Integrated Pest management (IPM)



The main purpose followed in this study was to assess and analyze the Knowledge of Jihad-e- Agriculture Organization's Staff members (Darreh Shahr County) toward Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Statistical population of the study consisted of all the staff members of Jihad-e- Agriculture Organization in Darreh Shahr County (N=97). Census, a prearranged questionnaire was sent to any of the members of in the statistical population, out of which a number of 78 questionnaires were completed and returned. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by a panel of experts and its reliability verified through Cronbach's Alpha coefficient (?= 0.78). Data was analyzed through SPSSwin16 software. Results indicated that the knowledge of a majority of respondents toward IPM was at a moderate level. Results of mean comparison revealed that there existed significant differences among knowledge of the respondents toward IPM as based on their academic fields. Results of multiple regression analysis indicated that 51.2 percent of the variance of the dependent variable namely: knowledge of respondents toward IPM is explained by two variables of: education level plus their work experience.