An Investigation of the Effect of Technological Changes on the Production, and Growth of Shrimp Farming in Boushehr Province



Development in the production of agricultural products can take place in two ways: 1) increasing the inputs, which due to limitations in resources is possible only up to a specified level. The second possibility is to increase the productivity of the units by making use of new technologies.
Technology is defined as, substituting new ways of production for the old ones to increase production per unit of input. In this paper it is tried to increase the production in shrimps farming through application of new technologies. The needed data was collected from 48 farm sites in Hele site in Boushehr province for the years 2000-2003.
To analyse the production changes resulted from change in technology in a specified sample, Bisaliah model (1977) was employed. The results indicate that farms that have applied new technologies have been able to achieve about 59% increase in production as compared with the farms continuing with the traditional technology. The share particular of technical know ledge from this growth has been estimated at 14%. The remaining 45% of the production growth has come from an increase in the production inputs. The shares, coming from nutrition, larve, and fertilization have amounted to 34%, 7% and 4% respectively.