Prioritizing Preventive Factors in Performing Land Consolidation Plan in South Khorasan Province(A Case Study in Darmian City)



Land is one of the most important effective factors in production in agricultural sector. Existence of small owners units due to the lack of effective use of technology, machinery and agricultural production tools are restricting factors for profiting and yielding in agricultural sector. The purpose of this study was prioritizing the preventive factors of extension of land Consolidation Plan in Darmian city, south Khorasan.For this purpose, Darmian city, was selected as the research area. The method has been in the form of field work and the information gathered by questionnaire and the data were examined by the use of AHP technique (Analytical Hierarchy Process) and the Expert Choice software. The results of the research shows that the social factor in Darmian city is the main preventive factor and the cultural, economic and structural factors are in the next priority.