Path Analysis Components of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), as Related to Intrapreneurship Development in Iranian Agricultural Extension Organization (IAEO)



This research was carried out to identify the role of ICT in intrapreneurship development in Iranian Agricultural Extension Organization. It was implemented as a correlational research through the use of casual model. Statistical population of the study consisted of 2768 Iran extension employees. One out of each six regional groups of provinces (N= 25) was randomly selected while 250 extension workers being randomly picked up from these six provinces as based on Cochran’s sampling methodology. Research instrument consisted of four parts in Likert scale. The first segment was related to a measurement of intrapreneurship development as a dependent variable (DV) while the other segments being related to research independent variables (IVs). Validity of the questionnaire was verified and reliability coefficient calculated using Cronbach's alpha ratio (? = 0.96 for the first, 0.88 for the second, 0.92 for the Third, and ? = 0.95 for the fourth part). These figures indicate that the questionnaire is highly reliable for data gathering. Path analysis was the predominant statistical method. SPSSWin15 was employed to process the data of the research. The results showed that the variable “The extent of applying ICT” was positively correlated with the organizational communication components. The variable “skills of agricultural extension organization staff in applying ICT” was positively correlated with the organizational communication components. Such components as a “two way communication and information flow”, increasing of communication and information rate”, and “the existence of rapid feedback to new ideas” were regarded in the same way. Path analysis revealed that, from among eight variables of Information and Communication, the three variables of “appropriate content transferred to personnel”, “the existence of strategies for creation of data base related to organizational needs” and “managerial supports for ICT in the organization” have a most causal effect on intrapreneurship development. These variables could express %64 of the variance of “intrapreneurship development”. It was also concluded that ICT has a high capacity in developing entrepreneurship in Agricultural Extension Organization.