The Role of Communicational-Economical Characteristics Regarding Participation in Agricultural Development and Extension Programs (Case Study of Kermanshah Township)



Youth, as constructors of future community, have a role in sustainable development. Young people develop the skills, knowledge and attitude that enable them to take an active role in society. The purpose of this study was to identify effective factors regarding Kermanshah township rural youth participation in agricultural development and extension programs. The research method used was a descriptive- correlation. Survey method was used to gather data. The population of this study included all rural youth at Kermanshah Township. Content and face validity of the instrument were established by a panel of experts ‌in the field of agricultural extension and education. An instruments reliability was estimated by calculating cronbach alpha coefficient of 0.84 was achieved for the study. The finding of this study showed that; approximately of the respondent that amount of participation was average. Results indicated that there was significant relationship according Pearson correlation coefficient between communicational characteristics, size of farm animal units (Significance Level: 0.001), size of farm land (Significance Level: 0.01) with participation in agricultural development and extension programs