Author = Mahmood Saboohi
Economic evaluation and analysis of the effects of climate change on alfalfa yield in Iran (With drought mitigation approach)

Volume 52, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 201-213


Halimeh Jahangard; Habibolloh Salami; Naser Shahnoushi; Mehdi Kazemnejad; Mahmoud Sabuhi

Investigating the Impact of Globalization on CO2 Emissions in the MENA Region: Application of Spatial Regression

Volume 52, Issue 1, February 2021, Pages 53-68


Ali Reza Sani Heidary; Milad Aminizadeh; Mahmood Sabouhi Sabouni; Elnaz Khanzadeh Shadloosofla; Andisheh Riahi

Determining the Effective Factors of Share of Food in Houshlode Expenditure in Rural and Urban Area of Iran

Volume 51, Issue 2, May 2020, Pages 217-230


Mohammad Mehdi Farsi Aliabadi; Mahmoud Daneshvar Kakhki; mahmood Sabouhi; Arash Dourandish; Hamid Amadeh

The Effects of Climate Change on Cropping Pattern (Case Study: Mashhad Plain)

Volume 50, Issue 2, May 2019, Pages 249-263


Samaneh Soleymani Nejad; Arash Dourandish; mahmood Sabouhi; Mohammad Banayan Aval